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Proper diagnosis and treatment planning is as important as the way a doctor executes it in Orthodontics. The orthodontic course is designed to ensure complete learning and training for those who wants to add orthodontic practice to their existing dental services. The course comprises of extensive lectures and hands-on that can boost your confidence in the field of Orthodontics.


  • Introduction to Orthodontics
  • Diagnosis & Treatment planning
  • Diagnostic aids – Intra and extra oral photographs, OPG reading, Model analysis, Cephalometric tracing and analysis (Steiner’s, Down’s and Tweed’s analysis)
  • Early treatment in orthodontics – Pre-Orthodontic Trainers
  • Removable Appliance Therapy including habit breaking appliances : Understanding the Components and activation
  • Space Maintainers
  • Method of gaining space with special emphasis on extraction vs non extraction
  • Effects of extraction on the profile of a patient
  • Retention and relapse
  • Fixed Orthodontic Treatment – Straight wire technique using the MBT system
    1. Bonding and banding on typhodonts
    2. Identifying the instruments and materials used in fixed orthodontic treatment
    3. Bonding of brackets and molar tubes in patients (max 3 cases)
    4. Wires used and the sequence of placing the archwires
    5. Space Closure and Sliding Mechanics
    6. Anchorage
    7. Finishing and Detailing
    8. Retention Protocol with training on lingual retainers
  • Correction of Class I, Class II, and Class III Malocclusions
  • Correction of Deep bite, Open bite and Cross bite
  • Current perspectives : brief information on ceramic, self ligating brackets and clear aligners


  • Lectures focusing on clinical and current knowledge
  • Course mentored by experienced MDS faculty
  • Student will be accompanying the Orthodontist for visits to view and discuss orthodontic cases
  • Opportunity to learn all stages of fixed orthodontic treatment from the ongoing cases in the academy : Three Ist stage, Three IInd stage and Three IIIrd stage patients
  • Help and guidance for your future cases


  • Contemporary Orthodontics-Proffit
  • Diagnosis And Treatment Planning :The Preadjusted Appliance- Bennett & Mclaughin

Duaration & Classes

  • 16 Classes
  • 2.30 Hours(1 Month)
special offer ortho

Orthodontic courses in Delhi

There are less number of institutions with such a wide range of possibilities when it comes to an exclusive domain such as orthodontic courses in Delhi. The orthodontic courses in India has been crafted in a way that it needs a lot of practical exposure which you will get at The Academy of Dental Excellence. Not many orthodontic courses in Delhi will give you the opportunity to accompany doctors on their visits. The prospects of orthodontic courses in India is yet to be explored to the fullest and you having a knack in it will be an added advantage.