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endodontic courses in india


  • Discussions on Diagnoses & treatment planning, during the treatment
  • Concepts of Access opening, cleaning and shaping, and obturation of Root canals by using latest equipment like RVG, Apex locator, Rotary endodontic instruments, are discussed & demonstrated.
  • Radiographic Interpretation.
  • Rotary RCT: There are many rotary system (protaper, highflex, waveoneetc) available in the market, which makes the candidate confuse, of which system to use. Here we can help you learn, how to use and which enodontic system to use, according to canal.
  • Re- RCT: Re- RCT is performed in an attempt to save thetooth from extraction, which is our utmost priority. Here we provide relevant lectures & hands on clinical experience on the topic.
  • Wisdom Tooth RCT: Wisdom teeth are wild cards of the Mouth. As they can develop in many different differences sizes, shapesand eruptions but are different in anatomy.These differences have impacts on the ability to perform on the successfully. Here you can learn to diagnose and perform root canal on the wisdom tooth as well.
  • Emergencies in Endodontics: Emergencies in endodontics need to be handled skillfully to prolong the survival of the affected tooth in the oral cavity and the possible emergency situations, their causes and the ways to manage them effectively are discussed here.
  • We help students manage an emergency of endodontic origin and, in addition, how to do so efficiently. This will be divided into the following key steps: diagnosis, anesthesia (especially of “hot teeth”), canal instrumentation, and post-op pain and infection management.
  • Rubber dam placement:
    • We help you Understand clinical situations that require rubber dam placement.
    • Discuss advantages and disadvantages of use.
    • Select appropriate equipment for dam placement on a single tooth and multiple teeth
    • Have an ability to place rubber dam routinely with one or two methods in reserve for difficult cases

Programme Highlights

  • To Perform the RCT independently on the patient.
  • Radiographic interpretation and treatment planning
  • Lectures focusing on clinical and current knowledge
  • All endodontic cases are done under expert’s supervision.

Books Recommended

  • GROSSMAN-Text book of endodontics
  • Ingle 6th Edition
  • Cohen 10th Edition
endodontics courses in delhi

Endodontic Courses in India

The best Endodontics courses available in Delhi at much affordable pricing with expert guiding you all through your day. A lot of endo courses in Delhi may not train you the way The Academy of Dental Excellence does. There is no dearth of institutions teaching Endodontics courses in India but the credibility isn’t at par with the claims. The endo courses available in India have cleared the new pathway for those who want to revamp their dentistry skills in one domain and become an expert of it.

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